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Automatic Dog Waterers: Lixit Automatic Dog Waterer Reviews

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Automatic Dog Waterers:

The Lixit Automatic Dog Waterer

The Lixit Dog Faucet

http://automaticdogwaterer.kcballz.comLixit Automatic Dog Waterer Reviews

From A Dogs Point Of View
August 24, 2007 By M. Brown “”

First Impression:

At first I didn’t know what Dad wanted me to do with the Lixit Dog Waterer. But after Dad showed me a couple times, I caught on very quickly. The instructions say you can put peanut butter on the lever, but Dad just pushed it with his finger. Also, he showed me that I can press my nose on the Lixit to make water come out. Fascinating!


Dad says it’s well worth the money! He never has to worry about a water bowl outside. When I play outside and get thirsty, I use the Dog Waterer. I lick it and it gives me fresh water. It hasn’t leaked so far. I now think that Mom’s bath faucet will turn on if I lick it for long enough. The Dog Waterer was very inexpensive and is recommended for all outdoor dogs, or even dogs that just go outside when they have to (like me).

Auto Dog Waterer Waters Too Much
October 25, 2008 By Billy M. Washam

I ordered two auto dog waterers. I was unable to get either one to install without leaking continuously. I finally took out the hard plastic washers and installed good rubber washers to prevent them from leaking when not being activated. Lixit needs to improve their quality control.

Dog Faucet Does What It’s Supposed to do
September 26, 2007 By Thomas Pickering

Easy to install and not wholly unattractive, this dog faucet works fine. It takes the average dog about ten seconds to learn how to use it. The only thing is, put it where you don’t mind a few drops of water falling. Dogs are not always neat.

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Doggy drinks!!!
October 25, 2011 by rech from Oklahoma

I really like having the water available to Liber at all times, fresh water!! the answer to our problems. I would recommend this to a friend!

Great product!
Posted July 15, 2010 Newfy1 from Gresham, OR

This is a great product. It easily installs and doesn’t leak at all! It only took my 11 week old Newfoundland about 10 seconds to figure out. Now she can have water whenever she wants without stomping in her water bowl and mopping my floors! I would recommend this to a friend!

Can’t be beat
Posted April 23, 2010 by Skylane

I got my first Lixit in 1977. Replaced it in 1990. This one is still in good shape. My first dog (Australian Shepard) learned in a couple of minutes. Puppies went from mama’s milk directly to the Lixit like it was a part of nature. I would recommend this to a friend!

No brainer
Posted March 6, 2010 by mamat from Orange County, CA

This is probably the best $13 I have ever spent! My Great Dane dunks his snout in his water bowls, plus he drinks A LOT of water. This helps with both. I don’t have to constantly be changing water bowls due to all the stuff he leaves behind in there. The never ending water supply is always fresh and clean. It took my dog seconds to figure out how to use it. Now he will only dring out of this! If the washer in it gets old, you can always go down to the local hardware store and buy a replacement for pocket change. It is so simple to hook up, although I would recommend using a wrench to tighten it on or it might leak a tad.
I would recommend this to a friend!

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Posted April 15, 2009 by puppyluv82

We have had a lixit for as long as I can remember. All of our dogs have loved it and used it on a regular basis. We do shut it off in the winter and it takes them a while to adjust. When it goes back on in the Spring, they are happy dogs once again.
We had a litter of puppies and they learned to use it when they were only about 6 weeks old. I guess they learned by watching their mom! One IMPORTANT SUGGESTION: Please don’t put it on a spigot that is in the blazing sun all day! Best to PUT IT ON A SHADY SPOT ON YOUR HOUSE. It would get really hot in the sun.
Everyone who has a dog should have one of these. You will never have to worry about your dog being thirsty when he/she is outside. Get one now!
I would recommend this to a friend!

Excellent product
Posted March 1, 2009 by firefly42

My dog loves this thing, learned how to use it within 24 hours.
I would recommend this to a friend!

she no like
Posted August 8, 2008 by kpadre from pdx OR

Not sensitive enough for my small dog. Despite applying peanut butter as recommended, she always licked the peanut butter too gently to get the water. She loved the peanut butter! We worked with this for more than a month, so I got a hose and float system through another online store that works perfectly–no leaks and plenty of fresh water.

No More Thirsty Dogs!
Posted May 8, 2008 by 4PitSake from Rancho Belago, CA

I purchased my first Lixit about 8 years ago. I have 4 dogs and all of them use it quite easily. When we introduced the Lixit to each one they took to it immediately. I highly recommend this for it’s durability and ease of use.
I would recommend this to a friend! Smile!!

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Great Product
Posted October 1, 2007 by JackMom

We have had a lixit for years. They last a long time…14+ years on the one we have. Very easy to train, our 4 month old English Setter learned to use it in 3 days and now uses it almost every time he goes outside.

I would recommend this to a friend!
Posted April 19, 2007 by louislover

This is a great product. My dogs absolutely love it. It is perfect for my Boxer who likes to turn his water bowl over and push it around the yard!!! Both of my dogs took right to it and had no problems figuring out how to work it. It is definitely a good product.

Phenomenal Ease
Posted December 27, 2006 by RV617 from Oceanside, CA

This is a wonderful product. We have 2 huskies & Frisco, our first took to it immediately where Koda needed a minimal amount of coaxing & demonstration from Frisco before realizing how easy it was to get water. These 2 can go through an entire bucket of water when they are playing, but with the Lixit there are no worries about them running out of water. It is so inexpensive & practical compared to all the time it saves from checking & refilling water bowls.

Lixit dog waterer
Posted July 22, 2006 by Siriusm31 from Chico, CA

I have 2 great danes and a Vizsla. It took them 30 seconds to figure out how to use the Lixit! Now they drink almost all of their water outside because it is fresh and cool. I have used stainless steel waterbowls for years, but this summer it has been so hot I was worried they would run out of water no matter how much I put out. Eureka! Lixit to the rescue. I am so glad to find such a high quality product. Thanks from Mary, Madison, Titan and Pepper.

http://automaticdogwaterer.kcballz.comhttp://automaticdogwaterer.kcballz.comClick Here For The Lixit Dog Waterer

Perfect Waterer
Posted June 21, 2006 by Laura from Spartanburg, SC

I have in the past had those canister waterers and in the heat of an SC summer even in the house those jugs would get this layer of green that couldn’t be cleaned because you can’t get anything inside the jug to scrub it out.
I have had the Lixit product for over 5 years now and my dogs always have fresh cold water no matter what time of the day or night. I never have to worry that they are getting stagnant algae water if it has been extremely hot or there is rain water collected in their bucket. I don’t have to worry that debris from trees or bugs are in their drinking water. It is truly one of the best things you can get for your dog and it is a cost savings because you aren’t changing water daily to keep it fresh!
I would recommend this to a friend!

Thor LOVES his Lixit (and so do we)
Posted May 1, 2006 by Holy Joe from Michigan

We purchased a Lixit for our Boxer several years back. It was only a matter of one demonstration before our he caught on. In following years, we didn’t need to show him at all. The Lixit worked great for several years before starting to drip – not enough to puddle – just enough to dampen the sidewalk beneath it. After trying different washers inside it, I discovered it was just natural water deposits and wear which made it begin to leak (Our dog drank from it a lot!) I would not consider this to be caused by poor construction but rather that the material it is made from was chosen for cost rather than corrosion resistance (stainless steel would likely double or triple the cost) I am buying another one this season to be sure that he has all the fresh water he wants.

Lixit Dog Waterer

The Lixit Automatic Dog Drinking Fountain